New proposition - Extensible common dialogs toolkit for .NET.

Common dialog boxes are used to prompt for the user input, such as opening files, printing documents and etc. The .NET Framework includes a set of common dialog boxes which you can't customize for your desired tasks, moreover you can't inherit from this classes since they are sealed (NotInheritable in Visual Basic). Extensible dialogs library provides a simple way for you to customize this dialogs without writing a line of code and using special resources (.RC files) to build dialog template. For more information see Extensible Dialogs page.

.NET Open/Save file dialog components with preview pane.

The .NET Framework contains components that present standard Open/Save dialog boxes, which you can use in your applications, but you can not extend these dialogs, can not add custom controls as many applications add preview pane. Preview Dialogs library includes same dialogs with image preview box. You can set properties values at design-time and easily change image in preview box at run time.

Windows 2000 and later

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